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Terms of Sale

1. Conditions applications
The present terms of sale regulate all the relationship between Gibielle and the Customer; particular conditions must be confirmed for enrolled from Gibielle.
2. Orders
All the orders must be emitted through the module on the website.
Every clause in contradiction with the sale's terms will be considered null.
On the order it must be specified, if possible, the colour of the product; on the contrary Gibielle will send a whichever colour.
3. Improvement of the contract
According to the article 1326 Cod.Civ. the Gibielle's offer does not constitute a contract proposal and it's not therefore an obligation for Gibielle. The offers supplies to the Customer availability of the products and prices and can therefore endure changes.
4. Delivery and shipment.
Gibielle advises to ask always the availability of the products and the time of delivery before the order: an order will approximately in 15 days dispatched.
The Customer engages itself not to resell the Gibielle products to other clients or people mentioned in the TDO (table of denial orders).
5. Terms of delivery
The delivery date estimated from Gibielle is approximate and she could not therefore be responsible for penalty due to a delayed delivery.
The Customer cannot ask the resolution of the contract because of a delay in the delivery time.
6. Goods restitution
Whichever restitution of products will have preventively to be authorized from Gibielle.
Under no circumstances, Gibielle will accept returned products, which have been damaged or used in improper way: we will only accept return of any goods, which are in the condition in which they were originally supplied.
7. Terms of payment
The order shipped with “Express Delivery” courier will be dispatched only after the payment, which can be done through PayPal or Bank Credit transfer, according to the choice of the Customer.
Products collected in Gibielle will be paid directly from the Customer to Gibielle.
All the information will be sent by mail to the Customer.
8. Prices
The selling prices are net of delivery expenses.
Prices are subject to change without notification.
9. Cancellation of orders
Cancellations of orders and diminution of quantity must be authorized from Gibielle in writing; eventual new orders must be anyway approved with Gibielle.
It is understood that orders of special or personalized products, products that must be assembled in kit, cannot be cancelled or returned.
10. Guarantee
Upon receipt of delivery, all goods must be inspected. Queries regarding shortages or faulty merchandise must be advised to Gibielle within 8 days of receipt. Under no circumstances will claims be accepted after this period.
The guarantee lasts 24 months for EU country and 12 months for the country outside the EU..
11. Repairs
After appraisal from Gibielle, the repair during the period of guarantee is free with the exception of products damaged, or used in improper way.
12. Right to privacy
The parts are engaged not to diffuse, reveal or disclose to third party confidential information known during the contractual relationship.
14. Privacy policy L. 675/96
In accordance with the article .10 L. 675/96, the collected personal information will be used for the contract’s implementations  and all the uses concurred from the law, for the shipment of commercial information and sales promotions, for internal statistical purposes.
The bestowal of the data is optional without consequences in refusal case.
15. Indemnity and use restrictions.
The sold Gibielle products must be used only for the purposes indicated from the respective original producers. Gibielle is not responsible for the products used for different purposes that can damage health or human life or can cause losses of huge sums of money.

Privacy Policy
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